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China Keqiao International Textile Expo Review

2010 Fall Fabric Expo
The fall of 2010 with a total of 1,289 international standard booths, over 25,391 professional buyers. Achieve turnover of 4.893 billion yuan.

2010 Spring Fabric Expo
2010 China International Textile fabrics and accessories Keqiao Fair (Spring), the exhibition area of 18,000 square meters, four exhibition areas, a total of 816 international standard booths. Achieve turnover of 3.722 billion yuan, up to 24,439 professional buyers.

2009 Fall Fabric Expo
2009 Fall exhibition has 1306 booths and with 23,998 professional buyers. The product turnover was 4.436 billion yuan.

2008 Spring Fabric Expo
The number of booths actually reached 686, the exhibition area is 24000 square meters, and 302 exhibitors will attend the expo. There are three exhibition areas (fabrics and accessories area, home textiles area and textile machines area). During three days of exhibition, the statistic on registered professional buyers is up to 12107, 62332 visits, including 2857 overseas buyers from 21 countries, such as America, Canada, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, Iran etc. This expo achieved the turnover of 3.12 billion yuan, involving contract signing volume 1.079 billion yuan, targeted trade volume 2.041 billion yuan.

2007 the Eighth Textile Expo

A. 2007 exhibition has 32000 m2 in the main area, 1229 standard booths, and 466 enterprise exhibitors, including 214 exhibitors from other cities and 15 overseas companies from more than 10 developed countries and regions, such as Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong and the like. There are some well-known companies attending the exhibition for the first time, Japan’s Itochu Group and Taiwan''''s Formosa Plastics Group companies, which are the World’s TOP 500 enterprises, and other 5 professional textile design firms from America, Britain, German and Italy. This is a great breakthrough for such companies’attendance..

B. 1487 foreign buyers from 23 countries and regions, such as Europe, the United States, Asia- pacific nations and the Middle East area were invited to attend the exhibition, 1706 professional wholesalers from domestic key marketplaces along Yangtze River Delta, Pan-pearl River Delta and Bohai Bay, and 3193 professional visitors at home and abroad. 15520 professional buyers entered by tickets, including 2505 foreign buyers, 13015 domestic buyers. The total number of professional buyers is 18713 in this exhibition, 131600 entrance times for purchasing. Compared with the former exhibition, the figures were up 167% and 73% separately.

C. During 2007 exhibition, the transaction volume was 3.858 billion yuan, which grew 40% comparing with the former. The export volume of textiles was 967 million yuan, 38% higher than the former, Negotiation volume is 1.423 billion yuan, 50% higher than the former. In that period, 12 investment cooperation projects were achieved, total investment up to 1.39 billion yuan. There was two transnational framework cooperation agreements; two provincial college science and technology cooperation projects; seven foreign cooperation projects, investment amount 172 million dollars, negotiated investment 78.549 million dollars; one domestic investment cooperation project, total amount 104.2 million dollars, negotiated investment 104.2 million dollars.

2006 the Seventh Textile Expo

A. The expo set up 864 booths with 296 exhibitors. 76000 visitors attended the expo, including 28000 professional buyers; among them, 6700 overseas buyers was involved.

B. During the exp, the product turnover reached 2.751 billon yuan, including 0.702 billion yuan on foreign trade and 0.95 billion yuan on targeted trade.

C. During the expo, on the ceremony of investment environment promotion and signing the contacts, 30 cooperation projects were signed, and the total investment volume was up to 3.5 billon yuan, among them, 12 foreign-invested projects, the total planned investment 0.20336 billion yuan, introduced investment 0.1231 billion dollars, 14 domestic investment projects, the total investment 1.878 billion, introduced investment 1.678 billion yuan, 4 technology projects.

2005 the Sixth Textile Expo

A. This expo sets up 800 booths, 52000 visitors including 11000 professional customers. 4300 visitors among them were from America, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong, Macao and Tai Wan.

B. During the expo, the turnover reached 1.678 billion yuan, targeted trade volume 0.33715 billion. The number of cooperation projects was 22, 13 projects invested by foreign companies included. The total investment as planned was 0.175 billion dollars, introduced investment 90.33 million dollars; there were 5 cooperation projects of domestic investment, with the total investment of 0.94 billion yuan as planned, introduced investment 0.755 billion yuan and 4 technology projects.

2004 the Fifth Textile Expo  
2004 China (Shaoxing) International Textile Exposition was successfully held in Shaoxing World Trade Center from Nov. 6 to Nov. 8, 2004. 297 Enterprises have taken part in the Expo and there were 652 booths in all. The total customer flow volume was 37,500, 76% of which were profession clients. There were 2,820 customers who came from 18 countries and regions such as America, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, HongKong, Macao and Taiwan. The product turnover was 1.33 billion yuan, the targeted trade volume 0.25 billion yuan.

2003 the Fourth Textile Expo:
2003 CTE was successfully held in Shaoxing World Trade Centre from November 8 to 11 in 2003.Altogether 238 enterprises took part in the Fair and there were 467 booths. The total passengers'''' flow is 30,660. There are 25,500 professional clients and it occupies 83% of the total passengers'''' flow. There are 2,560 passengers who are from America , France , Italy , Russia , Japan , Korea , Malaysia Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan . All provinces in China exclude Qinghai Province arrange professional clients to participate the Fair.

1999 the First Textile Expo
The first China Textile City Textile Expo was held in April 1999, having textile fabrics area, garment and fashion accessories area and bedding area with 333 standard booths. 250 enterprises from eight countries attended the expo. Daily consignment: 2,000 tons. Daily turnover: 50 million yuan. A total 18.8 billion yuan of turnover in 2000.

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